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Robert Cray - Rawa Blues Festival 2012


For the 37th edition of the Rawa Blues Festival (2017) the tickets are sold through Ticketpro network:

  • in ticket stores around Poland, including  Media Markt, Saturn, Media Expert, EMPiK and several hundreds of other branches associated with shops, travel agencies and trade centres,
  • online, using Ticketpro online ticketing system,
  • on the days the two parts of the festival take place, tickets will be sold next to Spodek Hall & NOSPR entrance.

Tickets are sold separately for two days of concerts:

  • Friday, September 29th at NOSPR (Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra Hall) in Katowice
  • Saturday, September 30th at Spodek Hall in Katowice.

September 29th, NOSPR, Katowice

Area Price
Amphitheater, VIP, balcony 1 (pink area) 190 PLN
Mezzanines (orange area) 160 PLN
First 2 balcony  rows (green area) 130 PLN
Remaining balcony rows (yellow area) 100 PLN

September 30th, Spodek Hall, Katowice

Zone Till 31.08 Till 28.09 29.09-30.09
Lodge with catering 319 PLN 353 PLN 379 PLN
Red J & H 159 PLN 179 PLN 199 PLN
Red G & K 139 PLN 159 PLN 179 PLN
Red E,F,L & M 129 PLN 149 PLN 169 PLN
Blue J & K up to row 10 90 PLN 100 PLN 120 PLN
Blue H & L up to row 10 80 PLN 90 PLN 100 PLN
Blue F,G,M & N up to row 10 70 PLN 80 PLN 90 PLN
Standing place 109 PLN 129 PLN 149 PLN

Package sale: Spodek Hall ticket + hotel room

In cooperation with Novotel Katowice hotel, we've prepared a special offer - joined set of tickets for the second day of the festival together with room reservation in the best hotel in Katowice centre located close to Spodek Hall. The ticket includes invitation to Jam Session that will take place at Novotel Hotel after the 37th Rawa Blues Festival. The price includes breakfast and parking fee.

Zona & room Till 31.08 Since 1.09
Ticket + single bed room  
Lodge with catering 508 PLN 552 PLN
Red J & H 358 PLN 378 PLN
Standing place 308 PLN 328 PLN
Two tickets + double bed room  
Lodge with catering 852 PLN 930 PLN
Red J & H 542 PLN 582 PLN
Standing place 452 PLN 492 PLN

PSNRO zones

NOSPR zones

Spodek Hall zones

Spodek zones

Free entrance during Fest

Admission is free for:

  • people with disabilities,
  • children under 12.

Quardians of the guests entitled to free admission must purchase a ticket. People who come to the festival free of charge are not entitled to a seat in the numbered sectors. If you are accompying a guests with disabilities and you wish to be situated in the same are during the concert with the disabled person in the Spodek Hall, please buy a ticket for the red sectors J or H


In case of any questions please contact us via [email protected] or using our contact form.