Rawa Blues Festival Warmup

October 4th 2020


Polish Radio Katowice Studio - Irek Dudek Big Band


Irek Dudek Big Band


The state of pandemic unexpectedly froze music life, including concerts and festivals. Another meeting of blues fans with the stars of this music during the Rawa Blues Festival could not take place. Under the name "40 Rawa Blues - Warm-up" on October the 4th in Polish Radio Katowice Studio, Irek Dudek played a concert with his big band. The program was filled both with well-known and somehow a bit forgotten songs from Irek Dudek's repertoire - all in new arrangements. The singing leader reached for the harmonica and violin too. On several tracks he was accompanied by: his daughter, pianist Agata Dudek ("Summertime"), guitarist Apostolis Anthimos ("One Day Hero"), flutist Krzysztof Popek ("Flute") and violinist Henryk Gębalski ("Blues In A"). The 50-minute concert ended with "Something Must Have Change" effectively presenting the sound and the restless pulse of Irek Dudek's big band. 

After this concert, the hope for another traditional Rawa Blues remained...