8. Rawa Blues Festival

September 17th-18th 1988


Canada Blues, Blustro, Zdrowa Woda, Tadeusz Nalepa, Easy Rider, Stanisława Sojka, Street Blues, Maciej Maleńczuk, Irek Dudek Big Band, Jan „Kyks” Skrzek, Jan „Izba" Izbiński, Dżem, Nocna Zmiana Bluesa, Zbigniew Niedzielski, Free Blues Band, Dekiel
Autoblues, Stereo Blues Boys, T.N.T., Blues 66, Fire Trap, Rzeka Życia, Krys Blues Band, Bardzo Orkiestra, Jarosław Ziętek, Bogdan Szweda, Łukasz Kobiela, Jerzy Dębina


That year Irek Dudek settled in Holland and for a few next years came to Poland only to organise „Rawa Blues”. 

During two – days blues party in „Spodek” played twenty eight solo artists and bands that attracted over ten thousand spectators. So far, it was the biggest attendance!

The house was brought down by: Nocna Zmiana Bluesa (focused on blues standards), the power trio Easy Rider, Irek Dudek – who summed up six years of playing with his Big Band and – last but not least – Dżem.

The press noticed that the best Polish blues artists were able to create the special atmosphere, far more different than conformity and repertitive typical products of Polish showbusiness. The observers also underlined that „Rawa Blues” still didn't build the wall of official structures, that could seperate the audience and the artists.