5. Rawa Blues Festival

June 7th-9th 1985


Irek Dudek Big Band Boogie, Tadeusz Nalepa, Dżem, Martyna Jakubowicz, Jan „Kyks” Skrzek, Jacek Skubikowski & Maski, Jan Junou Janowski, Roman Pazur Wojciechowski, Grupa Bluesowa WOO, Leszek Winder Blues Forever, Easy Rider, Recydywa Blues Band, Nocna Zmiana Bluesa, After Blues, Nowa Grupa Ameryka, Wielka Łódź
Free Blues Band, Mietek Blues Band, The Cooks, Crazy Blues, Browar Łomża, Krakowska Grupa Bluesowa, Joy Band, Sapieja-Dziano, Łukasz Kobiela, Marek Putowski, Guy People Acoustic and Electric Blues Band, Blues Factory


The fifth edition had to deal with economical problems, but luckily the organizers managed to find donators.

For the first two days, „Akant” hosted 18 artists who were chosen by the professional jury from over 60, that sent their materials. On the stage appeared: After Blues, Blues Factory, Browar Łomża, Blues Express, The Cooks, Free Blues Band, Guy People Acoustic Blues Band (Cezary Czternastek, Jarosław Tioskow), Jan Janowski, Krakowska Grupa Bluesowa, Mietek Blues Band, Nocna Zmiana Bluesa, Nowa Grupa Ameryka, Marek Putowski, Recydywa Blues Band, Sapieja – Dziano, Talk Blues  and Wielka Łódź.

Each day ended with jam session. The small club – which hosted all important Polish blues artists those days - wasn't able to seat all the blues fans and lots of them had to camp outside waiting for the final concert in „Spodek” venue. Unexpectedly, almost seven thousand spectators came to see live performances.

The main artistic events were concerts of: Irek Dudek Big Band (containing 14 musicians), Jan „Kyks” Skrzek and come back of „Godfather of Polish Blues” Tadeusz Nalepa. In addition, Wielka Łódź was named the „most stylish combo” of the festival.

The exhibitions of Polish photographers went with live shows. What's more: in one of the biggest parks of Chorzów the special „Shelter for the Blues” was created.

Generally, the fifth edition of „Rawa Blues” was estimated as the best one so far.