32. Rawa Blues Festival

October 6th 2012


Final concert

The Robert Cray Band (USA), Eric Sardinas & The Big Motor (USA), Irek Dudek Big Band, The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band (USA), Davina & The Vagabonds (USA), Roomful Of Blues (USA)

Main stage

Union of Blues, Dr. Blues & Soul Re Vision, Harmonijkowy Atak, Heron Band, Around The Blues

Small stage

Banda Band, Marek "Makaron" Motyka, Two Timer, Arek Zawiliński i Na Drodze, Bez Wat, Blue Band Blues, The Blues Expierience


Robert Cray Band

Robert Cray Band will be playing play with the full line up during Rawa Blues Festival, just a month after the worldwide premiere of his new album “Nothin But Love”! Robert Cray started his music adventure in his teens. During his school years he learnt to play the music of his guitar heroes Jimi Hendrix and Steve Cropper. Among other influences he lists BB King, Albert King and Magic Sam.

Eric Sardinas & Big Motor

The American guitarist and singer was born in 1970 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was able to play the guitar at the age of six. Despite being left-handed Eric began playing right-handed which was a major factor in the formation of his unique style and unusual techniques.

Irek Dudek Big Band

Irek Dudek has been playing with the brass “guys” since ages. At the second edition of the Rawa Blues Festival he played with the Dudek Blues Band supported by four sax players of the Jerzy Milian Orchestra. A year later in 1983 he created the Sesja Bluesowa Ireneusza Dudka (the Ireneusz Dudek Blues Session-“Ireneusz” being the more complicated form of the name “Irek”:) with whom he conquered the music festivals in Poland and of course the second Rawa edition…

The Reverend's Peyton Big Damn Band

The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band comes from the depths of Indiana-a trio reminiscent of  Son House and Charley Patton’s musical traditions. The band’s career began by selling all their belongings and setting off on the road to play over 250 concerts a year. The band has been performing across America, Canada and Europe and has been slowly building its position in the world of blues...

Davina and the Vagabonds

The singing and piano playing Davina Sowers, the leader of the band, comes from the industrial city of Altoona in western Pennsylvania. Her mother was a folk singer. Davina’s stepfather introduced her into the world of old blues and jazz recordings by playing it off an old Victrola gramophone.

Roomful of Blues

According to Down Beat magazine Roomful of Blues "are in a class by themselves." So there is no wonder why even the great Count Basie called them "the hottest blues band” he has ever heard. Since 1967  the band whose sound is of swing, rock'n'roll, soul and blues origin has received numerous recognition awards; among others five Grammys and seven Blues Music Awards (Best Band in 2005) to name just a few.

The Big Stage

Apart from the American guests and Irek Dudek Big Band the following bands are going to play on the Main Stage of the 32nd edition of the Rawa Blues Festival:  Union of Blues, Dr. Blues & Soul Re Vision, Harmonijkowy Atak.

Apart from that two of the Side Stage bands are going to be invited too: the winners of the internet competition and traditionally the band chosen be the audience on the day of the festival.

The Big Stage show sets off at 3 p.m.



The Side Stage

The Side Stage hosted the following bands: Banda Band, Marek "Makaron" Motyka, Two Timer, Arek Zawiliński i Na Drodze, Heron Band, Bez Wat, Blue Band Blues, The Blues Expierience and Around The Blues.



The magnet for blues fans was the concert of the top star - Robert Cray. Five thousand spectators, who wanted deep blues feeling and the solid dose of adrenaline could feel satisfied. 

The bands who performed on The Off Stage were estimated by the jury, including both the fans and the professionalists. Around The Blues won the contest, beating Arek Zawiliński & Na Drodze and Marek „Makaron” Motyka among others.

Apart from  Around The Blues, the privilege of playing on The Main Stage got Heron Band chosen online. Next, fans could watch and listen to: Union of Blues, Dr Blues and Soul ReVision and Harmonijkowy Atak, with four top Polish harp players.

The plentiful main music dish began The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band. Trio attracted people with unique instruments and the artistic freedom. For the youngsters, that „back to the roots” gig was the perfect folk party. 

Next  artists, Davina and the Vagabonds took the spectators for the journey to the New Orlean jazz and swing times. Quick pace, a sense of humor, creativity in improvisations – that were the brightest sides of their performance. 

Another band Roomful Of Blues convinced the audience why he became a solid brand during forty years of the career. Musicians often exchanged their instruments, proved that each of them could be the basic one.

Irek Dudek Big Band showed the wide range of repertoire. Musician played the sophistaced arrangements a vista. Irek Dudek connected the roles of the conductor, the singer and the harp player. They presented the energetic gig with impressive skills and contrasting moods.

The highest voltage accompanied the entrance of the main star of the festival - Robert Cray. The velvet voice and the crystal clear sound of the leader's guitar enchanted the audience. That incredible concert lasted for one hour and the half. Cray put lots of feelings in his tasty solos. Just like James Blood Ulmer few years ago, Robert Cray took the blues to the other, mystic dimension.

The final belonged to Eric Sardinas. His former concert at Rawa lacked of something, this time everything was perfect. The fans of hard blues sound got what they wanted to... A lot of guitar tricks and precise section – it was just a great pleasure for ears. 

That very good edition of the festival was the confirmation of the prestige prize – Keeping The Blues Alive! Rawa Blues was awarded in Memphis. przyznanej w tym roku Rawie przez Blues Foundation w Memphis. The president of Blues Foundation Jay Sieleman flew to Poland and gave  Irek Dudek symbolically the prize one more time in „Spodek” with Polish blues fans as the eyewitnesses.