31. Rawa Blues Festival

October 8th 2011


Final concert

Marcia Ball (USA), C.J. Chenier & Red Hot Louisiana Band (USA), Corey Harris (USA), Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials (USA), Shakin' Dudi

Main stage

Hilary Thavis (USA), Johnny Coyote, Romek Puchowski, The Moongang, Bartek Przytuła & Silesian Little Band, RawaBluesBand

Small stage

Arek Korolik & Maciek Korolik, Wolna Sobota, The Plants, Old Wave, Roadside, Juicy Band, Wojtek Klich, Crossroads, L'Orange Electique, Cotton Wing


Two dramatic events happened just before the festival: the acoustic guitar of one of the star flew to Singapore instead of Katowice. Additionaly, the accordion – a very important instrument for zydeco style – was damage in the luggage zone at the airport. Luckily, the old, precious instrument made by Baldoni was repaired quickly by the skilful mechanic.

The contest on The Off Stage was won by the group Wolna Sobota, that presented the stage experience, an interesting image, own tunes and humorous lyrics. After the contest, spectators could see the play dedicated to the legendary bluesman Robert Johnson. That was the celebration of his hundredth birthday anniversary. It was prepared and presented by Jerzy Kossek and his students.

On The Main Stage appeared: Polish – German RawaBlues Band, Przytuła and Silesian Little Band, The Moongang, Roman Puchowski and Johnny Coyote. Next, the little American Hilary Thavis sang a few tracks only with the companion of the guitarist, who turn the guitar sounds into the electrionic loops. 

The evening part of Rawa Blues began Irek Dudek with his Shakin’ Dudi reunion. He played the stuff from the latest album titled „…bo ładnym zawsze lżej”.. 

During this edition, the 40th anniversary of the Alligator Records from Chicago was celebrated.  Spectators had an opportunity to meet the boss of the label - Bruce Iglauer. He couldn't hide his emotions, thanked for the welcome and called Rawa Blues „The biggest indoor blues festival in the world”.

The revue of Alligator artists started with C.J. Chenier and his Red Hot Louisiana Band performance. Hot zydeco mixed with boogalo delivered a lot of fun to the fans.

Boogie rhythms presented by the pianist Marcia Ball and her band keep the temperature in the venue. People were dancing in spontaneous ways around „Spodek”.

The change of climate offered Corey Harris with his acoustic (sometimes also dobro) guitar and Afroamerican music. He played in complete silence, people were totally focused on his chords.

The ultimate show belonged to another well – know Alligator band - Lil’ Ed and the Blues Imperials. His vocalist and guitarist, wearing a nice fez – had a great contact with the spectators, presenting the bunch of vivid blues tracks, ornamented with instrumental solos.

After a few encores, there was one more surprise for fans: jam session including all Alligator stars and Irek Dudek as the special guest. American musicians were given the  jubilee awards -  statues of little alligators. They were so eager to play more, that showed their skills in various line-ups during the long jam at the hotel club.