30. Rawa Blues Festival

October 9th 2010


Final concert

James Blood Ulmer's Memphis Blood feat. Vernon Reid (USA), Rick Estrin & The Nightcats with Charlie Baty (USA), Nora Jean Bruso (USA), Irek Dudek

Main stage

Bogdan Szweda & Easy Rider, Marek "Makaron" Trio & Minix, St. James Hotel, Boogie Chilli

Small stage

Jazz Sphere, Zgredybillies, Why Ducky?, The River, The Plants, Break Maszyna, Przytuła & Kruk, Jaw Raw


Duża scena

Mała scena


That year Rawa Blues celebrated 30th anniversary. The international conference „Blues as the cultural phenomena” in Bielsko–Biała, painting the large portraits of Rawa Blues stars, the special parade through Katowice with the coal mine orchestra, cheerleaders and young people on stilts.  All day, there were The Poetry Cafe, The Plastic Corner and the special photo exhibition of Łukasz Rak's artworks. Definitely, there was not only music during this special edition...

The Off Stage contest won Przytuła & Kruk duo, who came back to the acoustic roots of blues.

The Main Stage gigs were opened by the young Silesian band named St. James proving how important was the young blood for Polish blues society. Marek „Makaron” Motyka and his trio arranged old Silesian songs in bluesy way and thanks to Minix participation folk-blues blended with hip hop culture. The next in row were: Boogie Chilli, presenting the pulse of John Lee Hooker standards and the unique – but not disposable - cooperation of  Bogdan Szweda & Easy Rider. 

Irek Dudek's concert traditionally opened the main gala, this time the spiritus movens of Rawa presented his latest solo album titled Dudek Bluesy. It was a bit different, jazzy face, more intimatate, more sophisticated with swing touch. Dudek sang and played the acoustic guitar, the harmonica and the violin. 

Over 5 thousand fans welcomed warmly Nora Jean Bruso. The grateful vocalist did her best on stage. In one of the tunes, she performed totally unplugged, even without using the microphone.

Later, the whole „Spodek” felt dizzy thanks to Rick Estrin and the Nightcats. The guitarist Chris „Kid” Andersen erupted with the tunes taken from his guitar. There was also the – ex- leader of the band „Little Charlie” Baty. And last but not least, Estrin playing tricks with his harmonica and even showing MC skills. Splendid ideas, quotes from Deep Purple, The Beatles and Hendrix tracks, singing drummer, twists in the tale, dances... Just entertainment. 

The final show belonged to James Blood Ulmer, just like several years before – with  Vernon Reid in line – up (it was Irek Dudek's request). After two hours of playing, when the leader left the stage, the rest found the new groove and Vernon Reid showed his rock wilderness.

The technical side of the festival, spectacular lights and clear sound completed the great event.

At night, there was a jam session. Musician played in various configurations and proved again, they music was a source of great fun for them.

Rick Estrin told, that blues is alive thanks to such festivals.  30th  Rawa Blues surprised fans its  energy, uniqueness and scale.