3. Rawa Blues Festival

April 27th-May 1st 1983


Elżbieta Mielczarek, Jacek Skubikowski, Easy Rider, Ryszard Skibiński / Leszek Winder Super Session, Dżem, Martyna Jakubowicz, Dudek Blues Session & Apostolis Antymos / Jan Błędowski / Jerzy Piotrowski, Jan „Kyks" Skrzek, Nocna Zmiana Blues, Jerzy Filar, Marek Śnieć, Jan „Junou" Janowski, After Blues, Kapela Bluesowa Łąkowa, Spruty Wór, Solid Body, Dowód Tożsamości, FBT, Ex Blues, Vacum, South Silesian Brass Band, Marek Torbus, Aneta Broszewska, Małgorzata Skalik, Blue Haze, Grupa Bluesowa WOO


The prestige of the Rawa Blues was still increasing. The preliminations to the third edition gathered 48 performers with After Blues and Nocna Zmiana Bluesa among them. Later, these two combos became one of the best Polish blues artists. 

The blues „filled” Silesian clubs, which was considered as the come back to the roots, to the natural places where the performers and their fans met. But also the larger venues were included. 

As the main stars appeared the bands and musicians who had the strong position on national blues stage well – known to the RBF audience: Irek Dudek Blues Session (with Apostolis Anthymos, Jan Błędowski and Jerzy Piotrowski), Dżem, Easy Rider, Jan Janowski, Jan „Kyks” Skrzek, Leszek Winder, Elżbieta Mielczarek, Jacek Skubikowski i Ryszard Skibiński.

A very interesting experiment became the invitation of Jerzy Dębina – the actor and the poet, who presented „Manhattan Project”, containing Allen Ginsberg's poetry, both in English and Polish versions. There were also some open air shows around Silesia.

According to one of the observer's opinion: For the first time, the organizers managed to connect the popularity and the educational and  promotional side of the Festival.