28. Rawa Blues Festival

October 4th 2008


Final concert

Debbie Davies (USA), Seth Walker (USA), Samuel James (USA), Shakin` Dudi, The California Honeydrops (USA)

Main stage

Shau Pau Acoustic Blues, 3 Ptaszki, Kulisz Trio, Teksasy, Marek “Makaron” Motyka Trio, Puste Biuro

Small stage

Siódma w Nocy, Jąkpa Blues Band, Jazz Sphere, Blues Maszyna, Wielebny Blues Band, Joanna Pilarska, Band Bong! Blues, The Jet-Sons


Debbie Davies

Seth Walker

Samuel James

Shakin’ Dudi

The California Honeydrops

Duża scena


The winner of the Off Stage contest became – just like two years earlier - Siódma w Nocy. The new Polish faces on The Main Stage were: 3Ptaszki, Karolina Kidoń, Marek „Makaron” Motyka and apart from them well – known artists such as: Teksasy,  Adam Kulisz Trio and Schau Pau Acoustic Blues with the gifted violinst Jan Gałach. 

Most of the foreign artists who were invited to this edition of the festival, were unknown for the wide audience. So the bigger surprise was the spectacular show of the American jub band The California Honeydrops, led by the Polish musician Lech Wierzyński. The reaction of spectators was amazing. 

The high temperature was raised by Shakin’ Dudi, who presented the energetic, rock and roll performance. The more balanced in emotions and much more sophisticated was the guitarist and vocalist Seth Walker.  The old – fashioned sound with double bass and acoustic underlined  melodic solos played by Walker. He proved his own style and it was really hard to catch him on copying the blues masters. 

Samuel James – in white vest – managed to focus the attention of spectators in the special way. He played the guitar with a load of passion, performing his own blues tunes. He recalled Robert Johnson's style. 

Similiar thoughts came after the concert of the main star - Debbie Davis. Repeatedly awarded guitarist showed the deeply blues based tunes, that she used in plenty of improvisations. Davis didn't played loud, didn't force her voice either. Nevertheless, she ruled each small note in her tracks. She reminded that flashiness in blues is cheap trick...