26. Rawa Blues Festival

October 7th 2006


Final concert

Roy Rogers & The Delta Rhythm Kings (USA), Nora Jean Bruso (USA), Paul Geremia (USA), Irek Dudek

Main stage

Blues Doctors, Karolina Cygonek & Tomi Blues Kapela, Devil Blues, Ości, Ścigani, Teenage Beat

Small stage

Break Maszyna, Adam Coolish & Michał Kielak, Easy Street, Mizia & Mizia, Pink Elephant, Siódma w Nocy, Styropian Blues, Teksasy


Roy Rogers & The Delta Rhythm Kings

Nora Jean Wallace

Paul Geremia

Irek Dudek

Duża scena


The contest for young talents on The Off Stage won Siódma w Nocy. The amount of votes for this band proved the tastes of spectators. 

On The Main Stage played a few artists that were absent here so far: Devil Blues, Karolina Cygonek & Tomi Blues Kapela, Ścigani, Ości, Teenage Beat, Blues Doctors – all of them presenting wide range of blues attitude.

The unique gesture showed Irek Dudek, who gave his private car Mitsubishi Pajero – with Rawa Blues logo - as the main award in special lottery for those who bought tickets for the festival. (the winner was the youngster without drive licence). Musically, this time he offered the Chicago rooted blues, straight from the 1950's. 

So far unknown in Poland vocalist Nora Jean Bruso presented the roaring voice and the expression taken from the tradition of blues shouting masters. Her performance with the band was not only a big surprise, but also one of the most important parts of the festival. 

The next artist - Paul Geremia had a diificult task, playing a subtle, acoustic blues with the acoustic guitar and the piano. His offer wasn't appreciate as high as should be. 

Final show belonged to the real blues master - Roy Rogers & the Delta Rhythm Kings. There are plenty of guitarist using slide technique, but in „Spodek” spectators witnessed the magic display. Rogers played with incredible speed and creativity. The encore „Shake Your Moneymaker” was the opportunity for Irek Dudek to play the amazing jam and in the atmosphere of blues madness the festival AD 2006 ended...