24. Rawa Blues Festival

October 9th 2004


Final concert

Little Charlie & The Nightcats (USA), Deborah Coleman (USA), Eddie "The Chief" Clearwater (USA), Shakin' Dudi

Main stage

Lester Kidson, Coolish Blues Session, Tipsy Drivers, Terraplane, J.J. Band, Free Blues Band, Paweł Szymański

Small stage

Big Fat Mama, Teenage Beat, Whitestock Blues Band, Mizia & Mizia, Ścigani, Good Company, Easy Street, Patchwork, Rockomotive, Vodoo


Little Charlie & The Nightcats

Deborah Coleman

Eddie "The Chief" Clearwater

Shakin' Dudi


The winner of The Off Stage became the group Big Fat Mama. The festival started with the full of energy guitar tunes of Lester Kidson's band. The brightest points taken from the few hours long Polish blues artists parade were: Coolish Blues Band, Tipsy Drivers and J.J. Band. The surprised was the electric set by Paweł Szymański, so far known as the acoustic performer.  The veterans from Free Blues Band also didn't disappointed the blues fans.

The boss of Rawa Blues Irek Dudek this time gave the crazy and spectacular show, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Shakin' Dudi. 

When the time of the foreign masters came, Little Charlie and the Nightcats appeared as the first ones. This California based band with the vocalist and harmonica player Rick Estrin and the guitarist Little Charlie played the blues blended with swing, taking the audience back to the 1950s. 

Deborah Coleman enchanted the spectators both her appearance and the vocal, guitar  & composing skills. Her show sometimes reminded the golden era of psychodelic music.  The final concert belonged to Eddie „The Chief” Clearwater, who entered the stage wearing the colourful Indian bonnet, causing the spontaneous applause.

This popular guitarist and vocalist, the representant of modern blues, having also rock'n'roll, country and r'n'b in his stuff, was really surprised with the vivid reaction of spectators. Finally, Irek Dudek appeared on the stage as well and we could witness the great guitar and harmon ica jam. 

Polish fans could hear the big dose of real blues again...