17. Rawa Blues Festival

October 4th 1997


Final concert

Magic Slim & Teardrops (USA), Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown (Great Britain/USA), Madcat & Kane (USA), SUPERBAND Dudek/Hołdys/Skrzek/Piotrowski/Waglewski, Keith Dunn & The Bloozz (USA/Poland)

Main stage

Easy Rider, Sławek Wierzcholski, Mietek Blues Band, Schau Pau Acoustic Blues + Jan Błędowski, Obstawa Prezydenta, Free Blues Band, Paweł Szymański, Gang Olsena, Tortilla Flat, Kasa Chorych & Jan "Izba" Izbiński, Slidin' Slim & Janusz Hryniewicz Band, DzieńDobry, Rolnik Stons

Small stage

Tipsy Drivers, Gerard Kalczer Korzyniec, Portal Blues, Sex Machine, Daniela & Pig Bit, Side Road


„Rawa Blues Warm – up” was made again in TV studio. The realisation should be underlined, because it was the example how to prepare something interesting and attractive in the small studio and how spectacular could be the live blues music.

The winners of The Off Stage became Daniela & Pig Bit. The award was the possibility to play on The Main Stage in „Spodek” with such artists as: Rolnik Stons, Mietek Blues Band and Free Blues Band. His own anniversary – tenth performance at „Rawa Blues” – celebrated Sławek Wierzcholski, who sang with young, gifted female vocalist Marzena Tarnawska. The other band also presented themselves with special guests: Kasa Chorych with Jan Izbiński, Schau Pau – the violinist Jan Błędowski, Janusz Hryniewicz – The Swedish singer and guitarist Slidin’ Slim and  The Bloozz with Keith Dunn. Irek Dudek was a member of  Superband – with excellent Polish blues and rock musicians in its line-up: Wojciech Waglewski, Zbigniew Hołdys, Józef Skrzek and Jerzy Piotrowski.

Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown started his European tour at Rawa, his performance was the unforgettable guitar misterium. The next appeared duo Madcat & Kane. Just before midnight, the stage belonged to the legendary Magic Slim & The Teardrops. They played amazing concert, showing the real magic of traditional Chicago blues. 

In 1997 the new tradition was born – the spontaneous coda, closing almost all later editions. Irek Dudek joined Magic Slim, having the harmonica borrowed from Peter „Madcat” Ruth. Later Ruth and Shari Kane also entered the stage and the audience had a great fun on jam session.

American aristist were positively surprised, both with the amount and the age of spectators. Our youngsters listen to rap or metal, blues concerts are usually for forties.