15. Rawa Blues Festival

September 30th 1995


Final concert

Junior Wells & His Band (USA), Dave Kelly Trio (Great Britain), Irek Dudek Symphonic Blues

Main stage

Nocna Zmiana Bluesa, Chuck Frazier & Easy Rider (USA/Poland), Obstawa Prezydenta, Paweł Szymański, Ptaaki, Schau Pau Accoustic Blues, Swawolny Dyzio, The Bloozz, Pivo, Junior Blues Band

Small stage

Zbyszek Niedzielski, Green Grass, Nadmiar, Blues Flowers, Wanted Friend, Electric Blues Band, Night Come, Jarosław Lisowski & Jacek Urlik, Raut


The fifteenth edition was prepared in a special way to underline its anniversary. The main attraction was to be the performance of legendary Junior Wells, who arrived straight from the capital of the blues for the one and only concert in Poland.

Earlier, in RMF FM commercial radio station in Katowice, the jury checked almost 70 tapes and chose 11 artists who qualified for the warm – up in August. 

In „Spodek” the blues marathon begun at 10 am on The Off Stage. The biggest amount of votes achieved the newcomers from Nadmiar band. The Main Stage was opened by the Junior Blues Band (average 10 years old musicians). Then played also: The Bloozz – the unique in blues world duo of guitarist and vocalist Roman Puchowski and the saxophonist Adam Wendt, Schau Pau Acoustic Blues, Paweł Szymański, Easy Rider with the Texas guitarist Chuck Frazier, Nocna Zmiana Bluesa and Obstawa Prezydenta. Irek Dudek performed – in the „symphonic blues” way -  some well – known and a few new tracks with Curtis Knights lyrics.

Dave Kelly's Band performance was the starter for the show that spectators had been waiting in high voltage. Junior Wells played for over one hour. Before the music over after midnight, he played „Blues Is All Right” as the encore. 

The audience had a great fun, such as we did, that's why I think it was a great show. If I had an opportunity to play again in Poland, I'd do it. People here had fun listening to the blues – said Junior Wells. Doug Fagen – the saxophonist of his band – added: Great audience, great atmospehere, good fun – just excellent concert. 

Those opinions proved that Irek Dudek's dreams of making the world class blues festival in Poland started to come true...