14. Rawa Blues Festival

September 17th 1994


Final concert

Joanna Connor Band (USA), Niki Buzz Band (USA), Tonny McPhee & The Blues Rock Guitar Workshop (Great Britain/Poland), Irek Dudek Symphonic Blues

Main stage

Skrzekwindergier Trio, Szweda & Błeszyński, V Wydział Bluesa, Marek Stępień & Szafa Gra, Czarne Komety z Południa, Monkey Business, Easy Rider, Bluestemper, Gang Olsena, Ptaaki, Swawolny Dyzio, Electric Blues Band, Blood Money, Boogie Circus

Small Stage

The Little Fox Band, DzieńDobry, Night Come, R.M.I., Blues Flowers, Blues Collection, Roman Puchowski, Liga Dusz, Partyzant


The revelation of the Rawa Blues warm – up held in the mountain resort Ustroń became    

Electric Blues Band from Lublin. 

The winner of the Off Stage in „Spodek” was the band Liga Dusz. The motto of this Festival sounded: „New situations in blues” – the confrontation of the variety and the tradition. Better performances gave the arists who played in traditional way, such as: Easy Rider, Bluestemper, Monkey Business, Swawolny Dyzio and duos Boogie Circus, Szweda & Błeszyński. 

The Silesian blues society was represented by the ad hoc made trio: Józef Skrzek - Leszek Winder - Michał Giercuszkiewicz, formed from the students of Music Academy in Katowice – V Wydział Jazzu, Czarne Komety and Gang Olsena. 

Another time, the guest of Rawa Blues was Niki Buzz, this time with his own band and compositions. 

Irek Dudek played again with his Symphonic Blues, but in a little bit different way: with less solo musicians and more clear orchestral sound. The common project of Tony McPhee and Guitar Workshop didn't play as well show as was expected.

The performance of Joanna Connor was the first ever concert of the blues band with female leader. The American woman showed – both in standards and own tunes – how to play the modern, electric blues – with the expression and energy which a lot of male artists could envy. 

The final of the Festival was the amazing jam session. The important thing was also the releasing of series of tapes with recordings of Rawa Blues stars.