10. Rawa Blues Festival

September 22nd-23rd 1990


Irek Dudek Big Boogie Band, Tadeusz Nalepa + Waglewski, Dżem & Jerry James, Jan „Kyks” Skrzek, Paweł Ostafil, Stanisław Sojka / Janusz Iwański, Free Blues Band, Harley Davidson, Martyna Jakubowicz / Aleksander Mrożek / Rafał Rękosiewicz, DDD (e.g. Jorgos Skolias, Andrzej Urny, Jerzy Piotrowski), Monkey Business, Wielka Łódź, Blustro, Maciej Maleńczuk, Recydywa Blues Band
Rzeka Życia, Adam & Rakiety, Blues 66, Beata Bednarz + Mirosław Kałużny, Blue Note, Ostatnie Takie Trio, Andrzej Szaman, Obstawa Prezydenta, Dr Blues (Latvia)


The next, tenth edition of Rawa first of all was to be the review of the artists that played so far and the most important heroes of national blues scene in the setlists prepared especially for this event.

Ten thousand spectators in „Spodek” were welcomed by Irek Dudek, who entranced the Main Stage using batons – it was the effect of serious car crash, that he had in 1989. 

The audience wasn't disappointed with the shows of Paweł Ostafil, Stanisław Sojka – who performed together with the guitarist Janusz „Yanina” Iwański; another Silesian musicians, the stepsons of r'n'b: „Pazur” Wojciechowski, Jorgos Skolias, Andrzej Urny, Krzysztof Głuch, Józef Skrzek, Aleksander Korecki, Jerzy Piotrowski appeared this time as DDD, Harley Davidson – the group of Polish musicians settled in Germany, led by guitarist Mirosław Winiarski with the violinist Cezary Czternastek as the special guest.

After few months lasting break in live shows, Tadeusz Nalepa had his come back. Irek Dudek Big Boogie Band reminded well – known tunes in fresh jazz-rock entourage. That „Rawa” line – up also included: Easy Rider, Martyna Jakubowicz and Dżem, its musicians also accompanied the Australian singer Jerry James. 

Among the winners of that edition was Dr Blues from Latvia. But the appetite for the world top blues artists was still unquenchable.