Irek Dudek Big Band

Irek Dudek
Irek Dudek

New Band. Known Pieces. No Sheet!

As usual this year’s Rawa Blues edition will include the show of it’s creator: Irek Dudek. This time Irek will be summing up his heritage as a big-band performer. He promises the Rawa fans a grand band and a cross-repertoire. The musicians will be playing without the sheet music.

Irek Dudek has been playing with the brass “guys” since a long time. At the second edition of the Rawa Blues Festival he played with the Dudek Blues Band supported by four sax players of the Jerzy Milian Orchestra. A year later in 1983 he created the Sesja Bluesowa Ireneusza Dudka (the Ireneusz Dudek Blues Session-“Ireneusz” being the more complicated form of the name “Irek”:) with whom he conquered the music festivals in Poland and of course the second Rawa edition… The band comprised renowned Polish blues (Apostolis Anthimos, Jan Błędowski, Jerzy Piotrowski, Andrzej Urny, Jerzy Kawalec , the Wodziński brothers from Easy Rider and Ryszard Riedel as guest musician) and jazz musicians (Tomasz Stańko, Janusz Muniak , Krzysztof  Popek and Henryk Gembalski) supported by a brass section. The band played blues standards as well as some of Dudek’s English-language pieces. The band’s music met with enthusiastic reaction of the critics. “A great blues show”, ”an export performance” and  ”a fresh breeze of the world quality blues “ are only a fraction of the optimistic opinions.


At the Rawa Blues'85 Irek Dudek introduced a 14 members Big Band Boogie (7 people on the brass instrument). It was then that Dudek was the one who “pulled the Polish blues foward” as the “Jazz Forum” magazine put it. In 1986 a longplay entitled "Irek Dudek No 1"was released. The LP presented the three faces of Irek: the Big Blues Band, Big Band Boogie and the Dudek-Błędowski-Gembalski violin trio. The blues first album with the lyrics entirely in English was often “accused” of a large stylistic diversity. Still the LP holds Irek’s evergreens ("Something Must Have Changed", "Przebierka" i "From Alojz To Alex") which we will have the pleasure of hearing at the 32nd edition of the Rawa Blues Festival! Get ready for the brass attack!