The Daniel Castro Band

The group of the Californian guitarist, vocalist and composer, who refers to the best blues traditions and the legacy of such blues icon as: Albert King, Albert Collins and B.B. King. Daniel Castro discovered blues thanks to his sister, who gave him a few albums of B.B.King.

He was so impressed, listening to the characteristic B.B.King's tremolo. But Castro started the professional career playing rock music, just for money. The breakthrough came in the end of 1980's  decade, when he appeared at The Saloon club in San Francisco. There, a few years later, Castro – being the appreciated artist – recorded one of his albums „Live At The Saloon” (2003). Both in his own tunes and standards, Daniel Castro tries to find the balance between blues, blues rock and West Coast boogie.

Castro spreads his wings during emotional concerts. He uses Fender Telecaster guitars and keeps on discovering its possibilites.