The Troy Redfern Band

Taking up the guitar as a teenager, Troy Redfern quickly absorbed the musical influences of early blues pioneers and the energy of 70s and 80s rock icons. A turning point came when he discovered slide guitar. "I instantly felt like I was at home. As soon as I put a bottleneck on my finger and started playing slide, it felt completely natural to me. This style of play helped me find my true voice." The world of guitar music quickly became aware of his talent, with Troy receiving endorsements from Magnatone Amplifiers, Ernie Ball Strings, Airline Guitars, and even getting his own, blown glass slide made by world-renowned manufacturer Diamond Bottleneck. Redfern is making a mark, constantly touring and blazing trails on the main festival stages in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, and Russia, sharing the stage with Robert Plant and Dr. Feelgood.

Troy has worked tirelessly to build a strong following of fervent fans who are drawn to his genuine, passionate, fiery performances. Over the past few years, Troy has released five full-length albums, all of which have been aired worldwide and have received overwhelmingly positive reviews in the international press. In 2021, Troy released his new critically acclaimed album "The Fire Cosmic...!" Tracks from the album stormed to the top of the rock charts, as well as onto the playlist of the UK's biggest rock radio station - Planet Rock Radio. The success of this new album has taken Troy and his music to a higher level.