Eric Gales

American guitarist Eric Gales will play in Katowice during Rawa Blues Festival. This is Jimi Hendrix of the 21st century. His concerts are incredibly energetic, vivid and... unpredictable – claims Irek Dudek, the founder and director of the Festival.

During the concert at the Rawa Blues, the artist will promote his latest album “Crown”, which was released in January of this year. It is a brilliant blend of blues, rock, funky and soul that shows Gales in top form! 

The Memphis-born musician and singer, once hailed as the “wonder child of the guitar” (he released his first record at the age of sixteen), now has a brilliant band: He records highly praised albums by fans and music critics, performs and sets to music with blues rock icon Joe Bonamassa (who named him “the best guitarist in the world”). The solo discography of the artist consists of 19 records (plus numerous guest sessions and tribute albums, on which he is often played). He also freed himself from addictions that, after the first big successes at a young age, slowed his career for several years.