Chris Cain

He has been a great inspiration to Joe Bonamassa for years and his guitar style was once complimented by the King of the Blues himself  - B.B. King. Hailing from San Jose, California, guitarist Chris Cain is the next star of the anniversary edition of Rawa Blues, which will be held in Katowice, "Spodek" on October the 8th.

Chris Cain unexpectedly jumped into the lineup for this year's blues fest (along with the Kris Barras Band), as a replacement for the previously announced Erik Gales, who canceled all his fall concerts in Europe. The musician will play in Poland for the first time in his long career. 

Cain grew up surrounded by music. Thanks to his parents, he was introduced to the recordings of Ray Charles, Albert King, Muddy Waters and B.B. King. He first saw the King of the Blues on stage as a three-year-old child. His dad regularly took little Chris to the concerts that took place in their home town.  At the age of eight, Cain learned to play the guitar, even before he came of age he became a professional musician. 

A self-taught guitarist, he nevertheless acquired a musical education, and later began teaching jazz improvisation himself. Quite late - it wasn't until he was 32 years old that he began a real solo career. But he entered the blues salons like a thunder: his debut album "Late Night City Blues," which brought him as many as four nominations for the W.C. Awards. Handy (now the Blues Music Awards). It also became a ticket to concert stages in the US and Europe, and the young guitarist was given the honor of performing together with his masters Albert Collins and Albert King. Cain's discography counts 15 albums, the latest - so far - "Raisin' Cain" was released by the distinguished blues label Alligator Records and brought the guitarist a well-deserved portion of splendor in the blues community. 

- Chris Cain is a master blues guitarist, intense, soulful vocalist and smart, witty songwriter. His live performances are packed with energy, fun and searing guitar. Chris takes more joy in making music than any musician I've ever seen, and his joy is contagious. He has been playing since he was a young teenager in California, and over his long career, he has won a huge fan base and earned the public admiration of both B.B. and Albert King. B.B. King said, "Chris Cain? Now that boy can PLAY the guitar!  He released the best album of his career –Raisin' Cain– and he's coming to Rawa to share all his new songs with the Polish audience. Oh, did I mention that he's also a terrific keyboard player? -  compliments the artist Bruce Iglauer, head of Alligator Records.

The opinion can be found that his songs have one foot in the blues tradition, but his eyes are turned to the future of the genre. Is this indeed the case? We will be able to find out live on October 8 at the "Spodek".