The Commoners

The Commoners are a Canadian rock band blending classic rock sounds with elements of blues and country to create high-energy, soulful compositions. Their music is marked by powerful, emotional vocals and guitar riffs reminiscent of rock's golden era. The band's songs echo influences from both American and British rock bands, giving their work an international flavor. Known for their authenticity and passion on stage, The Commoners are especially cherished by fans of energetic, soulful rock.

Offering a unique blend of styles, the band enriches its sound with energetic riffs, soulful vocals, and lush harmonies, taking listeners on a journey through the southern rock experience. United by a shared dream, they create music that pays authentic homage to the greats who paved the way.

Drawing inspiration from the pioneers of Roots/Rock, The Commoners use the rhythmic stylings of Motown and emotive vocals reminiscent of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding to capture a sound that remains contemporary.

Their 2022 album, "Find A Better Way," immediately captures listeners' attention. The opening lines, "I'm screaming from my lungs and stomping my feet 'til the floor falls through," promise a wild ride. Recorded at RHC Music in Toronto and produced by guitarist/producer Ross Hayes Citrullo and executive producer Renan Yildizdogan, The Commoners have crafted an album that perfectly balances the old and new, offering both freshness and familiarity.

The nine tracks provide comfort and companionship in life's trials and tribulations with melodic solos, soaring organ, and a solid rhythm section. The band delivers a thrilling, memorable, and deeply satisfying live experience that leaves audiences sweaty, with hearts racing, and fully entertained – exactly what we all need.