Charlie Parr

Charlie Parr is an American folk and blues musician from Minnesota, known for his authentic style and deep immersion in the tradition of American roots music. Playing acoustic and resonator guitars, Parr delivers raw, emotional stories of everyday life that resonate with many listeners. His music is characterized by a minimalist approach, where simplicity is key to conveying deep emotions and narratives.

Parr draws inspiration from both folk ballads and intense blues riffs, creating a unique blend that captures the spirit of timeless folk music.

He plays a Mule resonator guitar, a National resonator guitar, fretless banjo, and a 12-string guitar, often in the Piedmont blues style. His song "1922" was featured in Vodafone commercials in Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands, leading to the album's re-release in Australia. In 2009, Parr toured Australia with Paul Kelly.

Parr offers guitar enthusiasts a showcase of his remarkable skills, and his mastery of the challenging banjo playing leaves even the most discerning listeners in awe.